Tea Favorites

Freshly Brewed Hot Tea: Enjoy it here or take it with you...choose your favorite from our great selection..

Tea Latte: Traditionally served hot, but great iced too!  You can choose to make it sweet, we have options. Ask your server for favorites!

Iced Tea:  Enjoy our Blue Mountain South Indian Organic Iced Tea Blend Everyday! It’s so delicious! Ask your server for daily special brews. Iced Tea Options include adding a flavor from our extensive favor list.

Sweet Tea: How sweet do you like it? Let us know….we love to customize! We will sweeten your tea with our house made syrup, just the way you like it! OR....add a flavor!

Sparkling Tea: As wonderful as it sounds! We are adding a sparkle to your delicious choice of tea. Ask your server for the daily brew choices. Lightly  sweetened, but of course you can customize your drink!