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Weather you enjoy your tea hot, iced or as a latte, you wil love the generous selection of fine loose leaf tea at Herban Coffee and Blooms, including:

White Teas

The production of white tea is unlike all others. The leaves withered and dried. They are not rolled, crushed or cut. Sometimes, they are plucked before the leaf buds open. This special handling results in a very mild tasting and pale liquor.

Green Teas

The leaves destined to become green tea are processed by withering, rolling and heat treating. Prompt drying ensures the leaves are not oxidized like oolongs or blacks. The leaves also retain a large portion of their vitamins, antioxidants and chlorophyll. Since these teas are unoxidized, the flavor of green tea is much different than oolongs and blacks. It is more vegetative and "herby."

Black Teas

Black teas are fully-oxidized. The chemical reaction to air is what causes the leaf to change color. Each growing region has dramatically different flavor charateristics, so feel free to explore the complexities that black teas offer.

Rooibos & Herbal Teas

Rooibos: Native to the Cedardale region of South Africa, the rooibos bush was traditionally used as a medicinal remedy. In the 18th century, people began to drink rooibos as a recreational beverage due to its naturally sweet flavor.

Rooibos contains a large amount of antioxidants and is naturally caffeine-free. The minimal level of acids makes rooibos a forgiving brew; it will not turn bitter, even if accidentally infused for more than the recommended time!

Herbals: Many roots, flowers, bark, leaves and seeds can be brewed for medicinal and recreational use. Our ancestors tested and tasted various plants for flavor and safety.

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